When will the transfer from the loan come?

Unfortunately, hypnotizing the banking application or the helpline will not help. Both banks and loan companies have their own transfer schedules and fixed waiting times, so we will not accelerate this process in any way.

We may be surprised, because in the end we have the 21st century and such operations should be carried out much faster, but we are also all aware of the enormity and complexity of banking procedures that we have no influence on. In this case, the only hope is transactions outside the banking sector.

When will the loan transfer come from?


“When will the transfer from the loan come?” – since we ask ourselves (or Google search engine) such questions, it probably means that what answer we would not read, the waiting time for our money will be too long for us. What it comes from? Why do we have to wait 24 hours and sometimes even longer for some bank transfers? We don’t have good news. Such downtime is the result of banks using an outdated settlement system. Banking may not be growing as dynamically as e.g. the smartphone market, but updates every few years would undoubtedly improve all processes.

Meanwhile, the system, which is still in force, is over 20 years old and far from being modern and innovative. In addition to the fact that he works very slowly, it is also extremely complicated, which results in longer time of performing individual operations. And since more than 1.5 billion are made each year (it is estimated that there are 3.5 transactions per Polish citizen per month), it is not surprising that bank consultants still have to answer the question: when will the transfer come? In fact, they have no influence on it themselves, because the operator of the said interbank clearing system is the National Clearing House. It sets three time blocks during which messages are exchanged between banks. Currently, the morning clearing session takes place between 10.30 and 11.00, the afternoon between 14.30 and 15.00, and the evening – between 17.00 and 17.30. The system works from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Let’s check how this financial machine works in practice.

When the loan transfer comes – how do you check it?

When the loan transfer comes - how do you check it?

When will the loan transfer come from? According to the ING incoming session schedule, account holders at this institution will not receive a transfer from mBank in the afternoon, but if it is sent at another bank, then it can be expected along with the last session. It would be best for the clients of all banks if a standardized schedule of outgoing and incoming sessions was created. However, at the moment, there is no indication that such a document was to be created. Therefore, if we want to estimate how much transfer is going between the institutions we use, it is good to check their session hours beforehand.

The waiting time for money from a loan is always a mysterious phenomenon, but we can try to outsmart them by opting for a loan in a bank where we already have a personal account. Signing a loan agreement with competitors can, of course, mean that we will find a better offer for ourselves, but we will certainly not get money so quickly. The whole process will take so long because banking formalities usually take more time than applying for payday loans. It will also be included in the National Clearing House’s time blocks, which may not cause additional delays in receiving cash.

Outgoing sessions in banks

If we are thinking, for example, when the loan transfer comes, then in each bank, the times of Elixir transfers are planned in a different way and differ from each other. The only thing that unites them is the division into 3 sessions: morning, afternoon and evening. For this reason, we have prepared a table, with particular emphasis on outgoing sessions at the largest banks in Poland:

Incoming sessions at banks

It is usually the case that we are waiting impatiently for a transfer and log in to your bank account or mobile application every now and then to check if it has already arrived. This is completely unnecessary.

In the mobile application we can set a notification informing that we have received a transfer, and for less mobile people, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the incoming sessions of our bank. Here is the table containing information about incoming sessions in the most popular banks in Poland:

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