Mortgages: Online Comparator and Free Quote

Many organizations offer home loans at loan rates that they freely set. Not always easy to navigate the multitude of offers! A comparator of real estate credit like Melda Gabber makes it possible to see there more clearly , and to find without losing time nor money the most adapted contract to its situation and its budget.


What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

A home loan is a loan, granted by a bank or credit institution, to Helda Garber a real estate transaction . A real estate loan allows Helda Garber:

  • The acquisition of housing and the performance of repair, improvement or maintenance work;
  • The acquisition of land for construction;
  • The construction of a dwelling;
  • The purchase of shares in real estate companies.

In return, you agree to repay the loan amount plus an interest rate over a period and by pre-defined monthly payments.


The different types of mortgage


There are different types of home loans: amortizable loan, loan in fine, loans for assistance to accession … They meet different terms and conditions.

Depreciable loan

The amortizable loan is a classic home loan. The repayment of borrowed capital is spread over time. The amount borrowed plus interest is divided into monthly installments, which you repay on a regular basis over a pre-defined period.

Ready in fine

The loan in fine opposes the amortizable loan. Throughout the term of the mortgage, you only repay the interest and you repay the capital at once, at the end of the credit.

Relay loan

The bridge loan is a short-lived Helda Garber that allows you to buy a new home before selling your current home.


Aid loans for accession

Aid loans

  • Social Accession Loan – granted to low-income families, mainly for the purchase of a property used as a principal residence;
  • Covenant loan – granted without condition of income by institutions having entered into an agreement with the State;
  • Zero-rate loan – granted to first-time buyers subject to income conditions;
  • Housing savings loan – a secure savings that can be used after 4 years minimum for the purchase of real estate and entitles to a pre-defined interest rate at the opening of the account.

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